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Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2022 9:57 pm
by maa
I just want to start of by saying thank you for all the hard work you all do. very much so, every game i have ever played I could never call that game "HOME" I could never call my self pro at any other game expect for games bond golden eye 007 for n64 or super smash bros for game cube. I have played vanguard since beta, I was a squire on the mod team, squire is very low on their team but it was a start. Iv seen, was taken by higher levels to me to alot of secret ares in the game that was never public, i had a few power to help players, nothing like GM and higher. I am just wondering after following this site for 5+++ years where this game stands, and when do you guys plan of finishing it? I understand alot of your time is free or volunteer time, i totally understand that, but just in YOUR opinion when will this game be 80-90% of the way done? again not ment to disrespct anyone i know the few of you guys and the many of you guys who passed threw work very hard and for free, just wonderong whats the eta or time for this game to be really playable or done?

Re: hello

Posted: Fri Jul 01, 2022 9:05 am
by Jehlicka
Hi maa! I think our Discord is currently the best place to say hello and get the answers to your questions :) This forum is more less used for progress recording and content info purpose. Anyway, welcome back to Telon! ;)