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Questions for the Community!

Posted: Sun Mar 28, 2021 12:22 pm
by Dreamaise
Greetings Vanguard community! I will be making a series of videos and I'm in need of your input. I will ask 4 questions: You can respond to them or not respond, your choice. Dreamaise is on Twitter ,Instagram (dreamaise84), Youtube, and Twitch. (mostly blank profiles atm, on my to-do list) also if you don't want to respond here. Thanks in advance, I appreciate you all!

Question 1: What are 2 traits that Everquest has that separates it from other games? (good or bad, also lay it on me if you have more then 2)

With the vanguard community scattered i will have to ask this question everywhere i go. Question 2: What are 2 traits that Vanguard Saga of heroes  has that separates it from other games?(lay it on me if you have more then 2 good or bad.)

Question 3: What are your hopes/aspirations for Pantheon rise of the fallen?

This is a heavy one my apologies, however I need the right tone for the videos. Question 4: How do you feel about the passing of Brad Mcquaid, Aka:Aradune?

Thanks for your time,