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The JA Report

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2019 12:41 pm
by John Adams
Howdy peeps,
Some of you may have noticed me sniffing around again, as I usually do yearly or so :) because I have never lost interest in the resurrection of VG:SOH. But in the last 4 years, I haven't had the free time to even set things up locally or really review what's been happening; until yesterday.

Let me just say: Amazing Job, VGO Dev/Content teams, because I literally "played Vanguard" again for almost 6 straight hours yesterday and I would not have known it was not the live server from 2014. I shit you not.

I created a newbie DK in Halgarad, progressed up through level 8, and then did it again with a Sorcerer. I even grouped them, did questing, combat, harvesting, diplomacy, and I would not have known I was on an "emulator" if I didn't see the black boxes scrolling debug text in my background :)

I have worked on MANY emulators in 15 years time; and I am not blowing smoke when I say, not one (even my beloved EQ2Emulator) leaves the player forgetting this is an EMULATION of a real game - from scratch, no source code, no data, all built by volunteers who have busted their ass since the project got stood up mid 2013.

To end my day (around 3am today in fact :mrgreen: ) I dressed up a twink using the Global Exchange, and "solo'd" APW lol... maybe I'm not supposed to be able to do that, but the combat was brutal and flawless, including all Abilities and Chains/Reactions (go @Faux!!!) and whomever built out the DK ability scripts.

It was the most fun I've had gaming in years. I only stopped because I passed out exhausted :)

So, again... great job team. I am so very proud of your effort and sticking with this and keeping it alive and progressing all these years. Players, rejoice.

See you in another year ;)

Re: The JA Report

Posted: Thu Oct 31, 2019 1:24 pm
by Valorith
Good to hear from you my friend!

Re: The JA Report

Posted: Sat Nov 02, 2019 11:18 am
by Ily
Awesome to hear from you and your experiences!

Thank you for your time and devotion to this and other emulated projects!

Re: The JA Report

Posted: Sat Nov 02, 2019 7:40 pm
by Hubert
Hi John,

I believe we might have met briefly (in game chat) when I just started on content design in early 2016 (soon after the first quests were getting set up). It was just about the time that you were moving away from regular work on the project.

It's an honor to work on this project and see how much things have improved after all of the work everyone has put into it. Thanks to everyone who is currently working on VGO and has contributed to it in the past especially those responsible for starting it in the first place.