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Rename wws_crashreport_uploader.exe

Posted: Sat Feb 07, 2015 12:28 pm
by John Adams

In case you hadn't noticed, when VGClient.exe crashes, some report is created (didn't take the time to go see what it's called) and this exe is automatically executed to send the crash report to SOE

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This tells me that for over a year, SOE has been getting VGOEmu crash client reports Hopefully they do not mind.

You can stop this from happening by renaming the file

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I usually don't delete stuff, in case I need it later, but this should prevent the web assaults on during our numerous development cycle crashes.

TCPView Reports:

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wws_crashreport_uploader.exe	5624	TCP	localmachine	49494	15081	SYN_SENT