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There are many things to do during your adventures through Telon and many players are willing to help along the way. Players are able to improve their skills in Diplomacy, Adventuring, and Crafting as well as some side things such as Fishing. In the past, there have been many sites created to help players along in Vanguard no matter what Sphere they are trying to level in. Some of these sites no longer exist, while others contain outdated and misguiding information. This site was originally created for that reason, no one had much information on the Adventuring sphere, but covered the Diplo and Crafting spheres rather well. However, many of the popular sites have been removed from the web and lots of great information lost. The goal of this site is to bring that information back and allow it to be available to the general public again. My name is Hecatoncheir, and I've been working on this site for a couple years now. I'm not an experienced web builder, more of a tinkerer. I game a lot and take a lot of notes, so as I get time, I will trickle in as much information as I can. Feel free to jump in and help out on the many sections found here on Telon Adventures. We have a wiki section completely dedicated to Diplomacy, a couple for Crafting (a couple different projects going on there), one for City Faction/Coins/etc, and our newest creation, the MAP section which I am currently posting and updating. You may wish to join each of the wikis to see updates, joining Telon Adventures will not automatically join you into the other ones. This site is so huge, its actually 8 wiki's linked together. If you wish to have your name posted to every update you do, you may need to join all 8 of them. If you have any suggestions for the site (any wiki's here), please let me know either through mail here or you can mail me in-game under "Hecatoncheir" or "Xplosions" as those are my main two toons. Please enjoy your stay here, and spread the word that there is an actively updated website still out there for Vanguard! Help us make this site everything we need it to be to guide us through our adventures here on Telon!

ALL Telon Adventures wiki links:

Telon Adventures - Lets Quest! Lists of quests by level, location, and quest line to help aid you in completing the tasks you seek to complete.
VG Crafting Recipes - Recipe outcomes. GOAL - Craft every outcome to every recipe and show the items used and the outcomes with screenshots
VG Crafters - All things Crafting. How to craft, where to level, what items to get, recipes, quests, etc.
Telon Characters - All about the characters. Each has its own unique story, come on in and share yours!
VG Diplo - Everything Diplomacy. How to diplo, where to level, what items to get, cards, quests, etc.
City Plat Coins - Everything you need to know about Faction coins, including mounts, opposing cities, armor, and more!
VG Furnature - Want to decorate your house or Guild Hall? Well, stop in here to see what furniture you can decorate with. GOAL = Craft and screenshot all furniture.
VG Maps - Mapping the world in which you play! GOAL = Map every known/unknown dungeon, city, zone to aid adventurers in finding the locations they seek

Main project at the moment:

Mapping project (Feb 19, 2012-April 7 2012 *still working on it*)

Last Project worked on:

City Platinum Coins

What you will find here:

  • Quest information (by level, by location, by questline)
  • Screenshots (gear, NPC's, locations)
  • Maps (cities, zones, and dungeons, found on the web, hand drawn, done by screenshots)
  • Crafting Information (2 wiki's dedicated to this sphere...recipe lists, and recipe outcomes, as much information as could be saved from
  • Diplomacy information (1 wiki dedicated to this much info as could be saved from
  • City Platinum information (what its for, how to get it, what to spend it on)
  • The Basics (covering all basics of how to play and what-not)
  • whatever else someone tells us that would be useful will be added as we can

Want to Help?

  • Feel free to add information to the guides that are listed here. If you don't see a quest guide here for a particular quest you are working on, feel free to add a new page and input the quest information. Please title the page according to the quest name in game.
  • To add a page, click the "New Page" button at the top of the navigation bar to the left. This will take you to a page where you will title your page. Please name your page according to the Item, NPC name, Quest, or main reason for the page (i.e. "Paladin" - to discuss the class, abilities, and needed info). After you name your page, click the "Create" button that appears in the lower right corner. This will automatically take you to the "Edit" section for this page. Input the information you wish the page to contain and click "Save" on the Edit Toolbar (last button on the right).
  • To Edit a page, click the "EDIT" button in the upper right corner of the page you wish to edit. Place the information you wish to add/edit onto the page. Click "Save" on the Edit Toolbar (last button on the right).


Basic Game Concepts