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Post by John Adams » Sun Nov 1, 2015 12:00 am

The VGOEmulator Project became "Closed Source" on November 1, 2015. This change is meant to focus developer attention on the main project until our goals are achieved. Due to some major systems refactoring, there will also not be any public SVN Binary updates for some time.

Private Server Administrators will still have access to our pre-compiled Windows binaries through the existing Public SVN; unfortunately due to the nature of closed source, Linux administrators will have to wait until we acquire more C++ developer interest in helping build the core server.

Developers of "Private" or "Custom" servers can still gain access to our source code by agreeing to participate in the development of the VGOEmulator Server and providing regular updates towards the projects goals of providing a playable server for the Vanguard community of players.


To the Player Community:

Closed Source does not mean a closed server. The Project will continue development until the game is complete. This statement only relates to accessing our source code for Private server developers not interested in helping revive your game quicker.


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