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  • GM Commands

List of Custom GM Commands (dot commands) available currently

Note that you must have the required access to use the command, some are restricted on New Telon

Tokens: A = All, G = GM/Dev only

ID Command+Sub Syntax Description Token
106.aggro .aggro [on/off]Turns npc aggro on/off for characterA
51.anim Root .anim commandA
52.anim combatPlays the Combat Animation corresponding to the number following the commandA
53.anim spellPlays the Ability Animation corresponding to the number following the commandA
58.announcement Sends a announcement to all players onlineC
97.attribute Top Level command for attribute modificationsD
104.attribute dumpDumps all of the attributes for the target pawn.D
84.attribute resetResets attribute base values for the target player.D
98.attribute setbase Sets a stat or attribute base value to specific amount.D
57.broadcast Broadcast message to all players onlineC
20.chunk Top-level command for ChunkC
21.chunk detailsDisplay details of the current chunkC
22.chunk setSet values of the current ChunkC
115.chunk shutdown.chunk shutdown [chunk_id]This will force a chunk to shutdown if there are no playersD
87.claim Display's the claim windowA
68.collision Toggles object collision on and offD
91.depop moversDepops the current chunk moversD
92.depop ppoDepops the current chunk ppo'sD
11.depop spawnsRemoves spawns from the current chunkC
8.faction Top-level command for FactionsD
10.faction getGets the faction valueD
9.faction setSets the faction valueD
116.flags Root .flags command.D
117.flags listLists the flags of your defensive target.D
119.flags removeRemoves the specified flag.D
118.flags set Sets the flag key=value.D Allows the player's character to flyC
66.forward Moves you forward in the forward facing directionC
47.getmotd Get the server MOTDA
46.giveexp Gives players experience based on sphereC
111.gminvis .gminvis [on/off]Stop's replicating player spawn to other clientsC
18.goto Teleports you to your target's location/headingB
69.gravity Toggles gravity on and offC
70.guild Top-level command for guildsA
61.guild createRequest to server to create a guildC
29.guild joinguild join {id} [player|target]Allows players to place themselves in guild by IDC
28.guild listguild list {name}Lists guilds that partially match {name}A
60.instakill Instantly kills offensive targetC
42.inventory Top-level command for inventoryC
101.inventory clear.inventory clearClears the user's inventory bags.A
102.inventory list.inventory listLists the character's inventory contentsA
37.item Top-level command for ItemsC
39.item addAdds an item to a characterC
121.item copy.item copy [item id]Copy's and creates a duplicate item with a new idE
38.item listList item by ID or keywordC
40.item removeRemoves an item from a characterC
24.listcommands Lists available GM CommandsC
4.luadebug Turns on in-game LUA debug messagesC
3.move Moves you to x,y,z location in the current chunkB Top-level command for questsA completeMarks a quest complete for the playerC listLists all quests for the characterA objectivequest objective Marks a quest objective completeC offerquest offer [quest_id]Offers a quest, regardless of eligibilityA resetquest reset [quest_id or 'all']Resets a quest for a player, or all questsA
13.reload Top-level command for ReloadC
105.reload attributesReloads all attribute data.D
72.reload chunksReloads all chunks from the databaseC
75.reload chunkscriptsReloads all Chunk Scripts from the database and filesystemC
103.reload classscripts.reload classscriptsReloads all class scripts.C
79.reload commandsReloads all commands from the databaseC
120.reload craftingReloads crafting recipes and actionsD
82.reload diplomacyReloads all diplomacy data from the databaseC
15.reload factionsCommand to reload Factions master listD
81.reload guildsReloads all guild data from the databaseD
109.reload harvesting.reload harvestingReloads the harvesting tablesC
71.reload item.reload item [item id]Reloads an item from the database based on ID.C
78.reload itemscriptsReloads all item scriptsC
113.reload loot.reload lootReloads spawn loot tables.C
73.reload luaDestroys the entire LUA system (all types) and reloads all data from the database and filesystemD
83.reload mailReloads all system mail from the databaseD
89.reload moversReloads the current chunk moversC
108.reload parleyscripts.reload parleyscriptsReloads diplomacy parley scriptsC
80.reload poilocationsReloads all Points of Interest locations from the databaseC
90.reload ppoReloads the current chunk ppo'sC
76.reload questscriptsReloads questscriptsC
107.reload spawngroups.reload spawngroupsThis reloads the `spawn_group` and `spawn_group entry` tables along with performing a spawn reload.C
19.reload spawnsCommand to reload Spawns master listC
74.reload spawnscriptsReloads all Spawn Scripts from the database and filesystemC
33.reload spellsReloads Spells from DatabaseC
77.reload spellscriptsReloads all Spell Scripts from the database and filesystemC
16.reload titlesCommand to reload Titles master listD
95.repop Top-level command for RepopD
93.repop moversRepops the current chunk moversC
94.repop ppoRepops the current chunk ppo'sC
12.repop spawnsRespawns entire chunkC
112.reset cooldowns.reset cooldownsResets the user's active cooldowns.C
1.rift Transports you to a different chunkA
48.sendmotd Send the server MOTD to all active players' chatC
50.setdev Toggles your defensive target's IsDev flag on or offF
110.setdrawscale .setdrawscale [size] .9, .8 etc etcSet's target player sizeC
44.setgender Set players genderC
49.setgm Toggles your defensive target's IsGM flag on or offC
96.setinvul Toggles your defensive target's IsInvul flag on or offC
43.setlevel Sets the players level for adventure, crafting and diplomacyA
65.setmodel Sets the modelNum value on an NPCD
56.setmoney Gives player MoneyA
41.setmotd Set the server MOTDC
45.setrace Set race for current target (NPC or Player)D
32.settime Sets the time-of-day for all clients globallyE
14.spawn Top-level command for SpawnC
26.spawn combineCombines spawns in a radius into a single _placementC
124.spawn combinelist.spawn combinelistLists how many spawns are combined at a location, and their spawn IDsC
63.spawn copy.spawn copy [Target]Makes an exact copy of your offensive targetE
62.spawn createCreates a new Pawn objectF
23.spawn detailsDisplay details of the current target or spawn.idC
122.spawn duplicate.spawn duplicate [Target]Creates a new spawn location for your targetE
64.spawn randomizeRandomizes your offensive target appearancesD
25.spawn removeRemoves targetted spawn from Spawn List and DBC
123.spawn uncombine.spawn uncombineAttempts to uncombine a target spawnC
2.speed Sets the ground speed of the player - default speed is 750A
36.spell Top-level command for SpellsC
34.spell addAdds a spell to the character spell mapD
35.spell removeRemoves a spell from the character spell mapD
17.summon Summons entity to your current location/headingB
59.test [Dev Only] To test stuffF
5.title Top-level command for TitlesD
6.title addAdds a title to a characterD
7.title removeRemoves a title from a characterD
55.toggleclip Toggles player's clippingC
67.up Moves you upwards by an amount givenC
27.useability .useability [id|name]Allows casting of any ability for testingC
Rows: 122