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Bug ID: 1490
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2017/11/01 13:29:12 New VGClient Gameplay: Quest

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Three Rivers, Scratching the Surface, the quest isn't bugged, the map takes you to the wrong place. It needs to take you to the same place as Bandits in the Hills.
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New Telon
Three Rivers Village (143)
-83939 -37014 70332
Every time
2017/11/01 19:56:22
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Dev Notes
Entered on Nov 01, 2017 19:11 by Jakkal
This location is correct. It's supposed to lead you there to show you Khegor's End. The runner goes to Khegor's End from the top. The location also says it's the last known location, that's a hint that the player needs to try to find them. This is not a bug.