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Bug ID: 1485
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2017/10/29 14:23:17 New VGClient Gameplay: Ability

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Problem: Started a ranger and have been playing him but ever since i used nature guise ability for the first time nothing will agro on me even if i stand on top of red con monsters. I have used the gm command .aggro off and on to switch back and forth but nothing will aggro me. I left .aggro in ON position.
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New Telon
Three Rivers Village (143)
29766 -70744 43923
Every time
2017/10/29 21:05:18
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Dev Notes
Entered on Oct 29, 2017 21:10 by Jakkal
Currently mobs do not see through stealth. If he's referring to aggro mobs not attacking him, that might be related to the faction bug where killing one mob will cause the others to not aggro if the faction is negative.