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Bug ID: 1462
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2017/10/15 12:03:38 New VGClient Gameplay: Adventuring

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1462. Quest Myrthion's Cousin -5946 when excorting...


Quest Myrthion's Cousin -5946 when excorting unicorn Laefel, the npc unicorn will not zone from Costal Graveyard to Deebs, unicorn not following or disappearing, zoning back and running to unicorn pick up spot, the unicorm can appear in form of wolf as Shaman pet
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New Telon
Silverlake (160)
-34989 -75662 52900
Every time
2017/10/15 12:46:47
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Unassigned Content Bug Unassigned
Dev Notes
Entered on Oct 15, 2017 12:10 by Jakkal
Was able to complete this quest without any problems with the quest itself. (I did crash on one chunk line but Laefel was waiting for me). Don't know what they're talking about in regards to the wolf pet. If it's a Feral Plains-Stalker, that is one of the NPCs in the Ocean Watch area (And on the same hill as Laefel). I know sometimes if you chunk and crash that followers are no longer following, but this is an issue with followers in general and not this specific quest or NPCs. Laefel will also despawn after 20 minutes if players get distracted.