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 1435  Sep 29, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Gameplay: Adventuring
Buff resulting from Sorcerer's Conjure Quartz Focus disappears when game window loses focus fro...
 1436  Sep 29, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Gameplay: Adventuring
Sorcerer's ability "Mimic" does not proc on crit from arcane damage, as is intended....
 1437  Sep 29, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Gameplay: Quest
When I took the quest "They hate the smell", the interface would not automatically go back to t...
 1438  Sep 29, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Gameplay: Placement
This chunk disables completely all abilities....
 1439  Sep 30, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Gameplay: Adventuring
Disciple does not autoattack when using melee abilities....
 1440  Sep 30, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Gameplay: Other
I suddenly got logged off and whern I came back I was falling from space on my horse. Not sure ...
 1441  Oct 01, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Gameplay: Quest
Quest window for "Lost Charm - 7971" does not close on quest complete, instead continuing to pr...
 1442  Oct 01, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
User Interface: (Default)
Text for the level 10 Disciple ability "Astral Walk" contains a typo. Description says " ...
 1443  Oct 01, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
User Interface: (Customized)
Loading saved Diplomacy card sets using TBird DroxUI's load strategy feature pre-level 4 keeps ...
 1444  Oct 02, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Gameplay: Diplomacy
In quest Diplomat's Saga: Bad Timing - 7796, NPC Jenzu speaks "How are you, gentle Orc? ...", a...
 1445  Oct 02, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Graphics: Structures & Interiors
Around / above 10874, -63300, 906 in Isle of Dawn, there's a hole in the mountain that you can ...
 1446  Oct 02, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Gameplay: Diplomacy
Diplomacy text for quest 7538, To Re the Spiritseer. NPC refers to my character as "Orc." I am ...
 1447  Oct 02, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Gameplay: Quest
Quest 7941. Says Sun Cho is downstairs. Sun Cho is upstairs....
 1448  Oct 03, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Gameplay: Combat
This area is rife with "You're too far away to do that" errors, despite the enemy visually bein...
 1450  Oct 03, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Gameplay: Quest
Quest 9037. Regarding last bug, only quest marker is incorrect. I was able to turn quest in at ...
 1451  Oct 03, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Gameplay: Adventuring
Dread Knight ability "Anthamine's Charge" is not working as intended. When enemy attacks player...
 1452  Oct 04, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Graphics: Texture
Standing in the dark at my current location as a Vulmane results in my entire body being dark e...
 1453  Oct 04, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Gameplay: Ability
Dark Knight's Shadow Step does not properly check for line of sight to destination, resulting i...
 1454  Oct 04, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Graphics: Animation
Mob still stands after i killed it and looted it.Falls down about 10 seconds after death...
 1455  Oct 05, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Gameplay: Adventuring
Ranger's offensive target doesn't include the "ramp up" bonus they receive for stances while in...
 1456  Oct 07, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Gameplay: Other
Zoning into other chuncks kickis me out of game, on relog it pots me to next chunk, if was flyi...
 1457  Oct 07, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Gameplay: Ability
When you die in process of casting recall spell does not stop. i revived at the stone and ...
 1458  Oct 08, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Gameplay: Quest
The quest "Kojuko Manhunter" doesn't seem to be working. The mob just beats on me and beats on...
 1459  Oct 09, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Graphics: Other
mob "Escaped Wolf Pooch" in Halgarad reads as a 6-dot incounter, but dies like a 1-dot....
 1460  Oct 10, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Gameplay: Combat
Using Power of Reprisal to deal SpellDamage in the proc() event results in no combat log or hov...
 1461  Oct 12, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Graphics: Animation
pick nose animation picks the neck for a gnome....
 1462  Oct 15, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Gameplay: Adventuring
Quest Myrthion's Cousin -5946 when excorting unicorn Laefel, the npc unicorn will not zone fro...
 1463  Oct 15, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Gameplay: Combat
Brutal Strike I for the warrior does not seem to toggle on auto attack as it probably shout....
 1464  Oct 15, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Gameplay: Combat
I noticed that when I open up with a combat skill such as Brutal Srike I it now toggles on auto...
 1465  Oct 15, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Gameplay: Quest
Further Training Heavy Fighter Leth Nurae - 4681 Compass indicator takes me to the wrong instr...
 1466  Oct 15, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Gameplay: Quest
Sage Relics - 3118 While hovering the mouse over the bones to collect them there is no Red Exc...
 1467  Oct 15, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Gameplay: Combat
Level 1 necromancer cannot land spells on level 1 creatures. Permanent resists. I think this is...
 1468  Oct 15, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Graphics: Animation
Mekalia store "Upside Affairs" has a strange invisible hitbox of some sort that my character ge...
 1469  Oct 17, 2017  New  Unassigned VGClient /
Gameplay: Combat
When using the No_Calcs option in SpellDamage(), it seems to still apply DamageBonus. I was dea...
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